Fluoride Gel

Fluoride gel is a stannous fluoride for use at home by our young orthodontic patients.

IMPORTANT FACTS to consider about why we recommend the use of fluoride gel:  It is sugar free, saccharin free and alcohol free.  Yes, there actually are many products on the market that contain those ingredients.  Flouride gel also inhibits cavities by forming an acid resistant surface layer. Its antimicrobial properties decrease plaque formation and gingivitis, remineralize early forming cavities (white spots), relieve tooth sensitivity (hot or cold), and reverse the effects of dry mouth (xerostomia).

We are striving for a lifetime of beautiful teeth for all our patients.  The benefits of flouride gel have been proven to lessen and prevent the possible scarring of the enamel due to poor brushing.

HOW TO USE:  We recommend using the flouride gel every other night at bedtime.  After regular brushing, apply the gel to your toothbrush.  Brush with the flouride gel for about one minute.  Then, swish the gel around your mouth for another minute.  Expectorate any excess gel.  Do not eat, drink, or rinse for 30 minutes after using the fluoride gel.

If you are currently using a fluoride rinse or gel recommended by your dentist, please review this with Dr. Kardovich.